Dance Classes

Dance Classes

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Tiny Tots: The Tiny Tots class is a fun-filled class that allows students to learn to dance and interact in a playful environment. Through stretching and movement exercises, children will improve their gross motor skills and musicality.

Creative Movement: A half hour class which introduces basic rhythms and movements in a fun, nurturing environment. In a playful atmosphere, children discover the joy of dance while developing basic motor skills, coordination, individual creativity, and basic dance terminology.

Pre-Dance Combo Class: A one-hour class that includes both ballet and tap. Combination classes help children to explore the basic elements of dance while having fun moving, and hearing a variety of music. This class will help students develop concentration, music appreciation, social skills, self-confidence and coordination. Basic ballet positions are taught, as well as basic tap technique.

Hip-Hop for Tots: A half hour class which introduces fun rhythms and movements to their favorite high-energy music.

Musical Theater: Our musical theatre program teaches stage dance and includes a voice component. Our musical theatre program is unique in that in addition to providing a top quality dance instructor to teach the choreography, our musical theatre classes also have one of our voice teachers from our music school come in every week to cover the vocal component. This means that the students are all taught proper vocal technique by a teacher with a university degree in voice.

Dance Conditioning: This class combines a variety of skills and exercises to help dancers improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. Dancers will also continue to focus on center control, body placement, and balance.

Advanced Barre Technique: This is a non-performance class that works on improving overall ballet technique and body placement and awareness. Dancers will continue to learn and develop sense of awareness in balance and control, working with opposition within the body, and important dance fundamentals.

Acro Dance/ Tumbling: Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics. In Acro class, dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. With unique choreography, students will learn to seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics.

Broadway Jazz: A jazz class that focuses on Broadway dance styling. This class uses Broadway music and teaches students how to use musical theatre styling within our fun jazz curriculum!

Ballet: Students are being introduced to formal study of classical ballet through age appropriate skill development, creative expression and the relationship between music and dance. Using French terminology, young dancers learn the vocabulary of classical ballet, technique and emphasis on body placement.

Hip-Hop: A fun and funky dance class that incorporates rhythmic movement to popular music of today. Hip-hop is a high-energy dance form which will keep students in shape as they learn new upbeat moves.

Tap: Students learn tap terminology and to apply rhythm and timing into a tap routine. Tap dance develops a keen sense of rhythm and timing, as well as control, balance, and coordination.

Jazz: Various forms of movement and wide terminology utilized in this form of dance. These classes focus on increased flexibility, musicality, control and balance, and progression of dance steps across the floor.

Jumps, Turns & Leaps: An exciting class in which students are introduced to a variety of jumps and leaps from many styles of dance. This class also focuses on building technique for turns and balance. A great class to build stamina, work on balance & control, and improve overall technique.

Lyrical: Contemporary dance movements with self-expression.

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